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There are books on every imaginable topic and related sub topics under the sun, moon and sky. There are books that are fictional, non-fictional, references, textbooks etc.

Even another "Book" has this very appropriate comment regarding books:

To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion to them is wearisome to the flesh.

Yes, the books keep coming and to try to read them all or just a small portion of them is indeed "wearisome to the flesh."

A smart approach to reading books about complex subjects is to read a simple basic book on the topic first.  Then decide if further effort is of interest or even worthwhile.

That is the purpose of this website: To present Simple Basic Books on a wide variety of topics so you can "decide if further effort is of interest or even worthwhile."

The Beginning is often the best place to start anything.  The basics or fundamentals are the foundation for learning about almost any subject.

For example, To find the truth about anything - start with the basic principles.  Then add more principles.  Principles are the bedrock for laws, especially laws on conduct and humane treatment.

In time the "big picture" will be revealed.  The 'ah ha' moment. 'I see'. 'Now I get it'.  'Wow'

Only after the simple basics are 'down pat' would it be wise to learn more advanced knowledge.

Why?  Confusion or distraction often takes over.

'Never put the cart before the horse'  Because it is simple basic 'horse sense'. 'First things first'.

Square pegs never fit Round holes.

Don't be square. Be well-rounded.

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Acid Reflux


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